What will the ‘arrivals process’ look like for the Syrian refugees?

Newly arriving Syrian refugees under the current #WelcomeRefugees program will be processed through the new receiving areas at either Toronto or Montreal's International Airports. Upon arrival all refugees will be welcomed and processed by a Canada by Border Services Officers (BSO) who will confirm their identity, and process their customs and immigration inspections. This BSO will also issue the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program certificates to help facilitate immediate medical coverage. The new receiving areas will also have stations where immigration photos will be taken for identification documents.

After completing this process, the newly arrived refugees will be permanent residents of Canada. They will continue onward to the Welcome Centre at their respective airport. These areas include food, play areas for children and prayer rooms. At the centre they will receive winter clothing, be issued a Social Insurance Number (SIN). They will then be transported to a local hotel for an overnight stay to rest and eat before they continue to their destination communities.

This information is from the Government of Canada's backgrounder – Airport Receiving areas and Welcome Centres.