The 4th Annual Youth Resilience Conference

The Midaynta Community Services is organizing its 4th annual youth resilience conference. 

The purpose of this conference is to build a strong civil society to respond to hate, racism, radicalization and resiliency in Canada and abroad under an Inclusive Collaborative Action Plan (ICAP) that come from last year’s conference report. 

This year’s conference will bring multiple stakeholders such as youth community agencies, public institutions, government agencies, and scholars. 

The following topics will be covered: 

  • Changing the Narrative and Imagery (i.e perceptions of immigrants, refugees and racialized communities) 

  • Allocating and Investing more resources in communities and on the ground 

  • Public Health Approach

  • Education Reform 

Date: Tuesday, 18th of February, 2020 

Time: 8:30 

Venue: The Moot Room, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, 78 Queens Park, Toronto

To register for this event or for more information, please click here