ARI Roundtable : “Big picture policy recommendations”

Allies for Refugee Integration invites you to one of our upcoming Roundtables:

 Connecting Intentionally for Arrival-Ready Communities

Strengthening Settlement-Sponsorship Partnership for Privately Sponsored Refugees

Thursday May 27, 2021 1:00-2:30 EDT

“Big picture policy recommendations”

This roundtable will share learnings from our Allies for Refugee Integration pilots, focusing on the big picture policy recommendations for IRCC and what it could mean for the work of Settlement Agencies & SAHs on an organizational level.


 Allies for Refugee Integration, a collaboration of OCASI and Refugee 613, is in its final stage of a three-year IRCC funded Service Delivery Improvement project, aiming to enhance settlement-sponsor collaboration for privately sponsored refugees in Ontario.

 To learn more about the pilots: ari-pilot-explainer-2-pager.pdf (

For more information, visit our webpage: Allies in Refugee Integration | OCASI