Launch of the ARI Report : Intentional Connections for Welcoming Communities

Allies in Refugee Integration (ARI) is an IRCC-funded project that aims to increase and strengthen collaboration between settlement service providers and refugee sponsorship groups in Ontario, and ultimately improve settlement outcomes of privately sponsored refugees.

From 2018 to 2021, Allies for Refugee Integration (ARI) and its partners focused on creating more welcoming communities for privately sponsored refugees. Their approach is best summarised through the expression Intentional Connections for Welcoming Communities: with modest changes to policy and processes, it is possible to improve settlement-sponsor collaboration for more successful integration of refugees.

The final report from Allies for Refugee Integration explores the journey of the project, sharing the findings and recommendations emerging from pilot-testing ideas across Ontario to improve settlement-sponsor collaboration in support of privately sponsored refugees. You can read or download the report on this page.

Want to hear directly from the participants of the ARI pilots? Watch the videos to learn more about the benefits, challenges, and advice on the ARI pilot practices directly from refugees, sponsors, settlement workers & piloting agencies.