#LearnSyrianInitiative: Empowering Syrian Children In Refugee Camps through technology

According to Rumie, , a Toronto-based startup and non-profit whose mission is to democratize quality digital education, 3 million Syrian children in refugee camps do not have access to education.

To address this problem, Rumie launched Learn Syria Initiative.

The initiative aims to gather learning content for displaced Syrian children.

Learn Syria Initiative does this by raising funds for more tablets to be sent to Syrian refugees and find free learning resources that teach topics refugees want to learn.

There are three ways that people can help Rumi keep this initiative going:

  • Add relevant topics to Rumie’s LearnCloud, their platform that gives children and teachers the tools they need to teach relevant subjects

  • Donate money to help Rumie’s tablet reach the children

  • Raise awareness on the initiative by spreading the word