Positive Sponsors Experiences – Telling the Stories and Sharing the Success


Allies for Refugee Integration (ARI) Roundtables are informal spaces where the sponsorship and settlement community can routinely come together to share information, identify challenges and solutions, and build understanding on settlement-sponsor collaboration in Ontario.

In this Roundtable we will:

  • Share positive examples of sponsorship experiences and success stories, as well as positive examples of sponsors and settlement organizations working together to support newcomers
  • Learn more about how we can promote the success of private sponsors and share these wonderful stories
  • Discuss how settlement organizations and sponsorship agreement holders can further contribute to the success of private sponsors and the value of connecting sponsors together to share their stories

About Allies for Refugee Integration:

Allies for Refugee Integration (Part 1) was a project led by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigration, in partnership with Refugee 613, from 2018-2021 funded by IRCC, Service Delivery Improvement. To learn more, visit: Allies in Refugee Integration

Date: May 25, 2021
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT
Where: Virtual

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