Refugee family of 10 reunited thanks to donated airline miles

TheStar -  It seemed an insurmountable challenge for a Regent Park church congregation to come up with $12,000 for nine plane tickets from Burundi to Toronto, let alone for a penniless refugee living in a shelter.

Members of St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church were faced with this daunting task this summer when they learned a parishioner’s husband and eight children were granted permanent residence visas to join her in Canada but she couldn’t afford to fly them over.

“We were amazed how quickly they were willing to engage in a conversation with us, and willing and able to act for the family immediately,” said Father Walter Hannam of St. Bartholomew’s, who added that without Miles4Migrants it would have been impossible to achieve all this before the visas expired.

Jill Aitken, a parishioner at St. Bartholomew’s, said Miles4Migrants ended up covering seven plane tickets while she and her husband paid for one, and the refugee woman herself insisted on scraping money together for the remaining ticket.
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