Refugee Sponsorship Conflict Resolution Training


The Neighborhood Group (TNG) Community Services, in collaboration with RSTP, is excited to announce that it is leading an IRCC-funded project to provide conflict resolution training and coaching to refugee sponsors.

The project intends to train sponsors to manage complex issues and conflicts as well as receive immediate support, mediation and coaching from trained mediators, with the overall aim of reducing sponsorship breakdowns.

Created for Private Refugee Sponsorship Groups and Sponsorship Agreement Holders, this FREE two-session workshop helps prevent sponsorship breakdowns by identifying and addressing conflicts before they escalate.

In the Refugee Sponsorship sessions, you will:

  • Learn and practice conflict resolution skills
  • Get access to Coaching and Mediation Sessions
  • Obtain a Certificate of Attendance
  • Sessions can be tailored to your staff, volunteers, Constituant Groups and Groups of Five. Contact us to learn more.

    Please choose one Session #1 and one Session #2 from the list below. Once you register, the invitations for those two sessions will be sent directly to you. Session 2 must be later than Session 1.

    Session 1: Skills Building

    Session 2: Role-Play Building

    If you have any questions, please contact us at