Refugee success

CHCH Hamilton - While many Syrian refugees settling in Canada are struggling to find work, three women in Hamilton are finding success through cooking. Rawa’a, Dalal, and Manahel are so busy filling orders, they couldn’t even stop to do an interview. They’re preparing some traditional Syrian dishes.

Back home, Dalal used to teach kindergarten, Rawa has a degree in agricultural engineering and Manahel had her hands full raising 7 children. That was before things got bad. “One day an airplane came and bombed our house and we took my husband from underneath the destroyed house. He remained disabled.”

Now they are starting from scratch, by cooking from scratch and looking forward to the future in Canada. Karam Kitchen officially launched as a business last Thursday. Since then the orders have come pouring in.

It’s a success story in the making, but many Syrian refugees are still struggling to find work. Paramount Fine Foods has promised to hire at least 100 Syrian refugees this year. “So far we’ve hired about 70 and the numbers keep coming.”

Over 30 000 Syrians have resettled in Canada but it’s unclear how many have been able to find work.