Syrian refugee family arrives in Sudbury after two year journey

CBCNews Family of three is sponsored by Sudbury Project Hope. A family of Syrian refugees has arrived in Sudbury, after a two year journey to find a new home in Canada.

Jinan Dokkak landed at the airport Wednesday afternoon with her mother Noura, and young daughter Pamela. The family fled the city of Aleppo five years ago and had been living as refugees in Beirut, Lebanon.

"I am so excited, so happy, to be here finally after two years of hard work," Dokkak said.

"To get to this point, I mean, you feel like your dreams are coming true. To be in a safe place finally, after all the things we have been through."

The family is sponsored by Sudbury Project Hope, a community organization that helps bring refugees to Canada. The organization previously sponsored the Alramadan family in 2016.

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