Living in a 'dream': Syrian grandmother lands in Newfoundland

CBC News Newfoundland - The wet, rainy shores of Newfoundland are being embraced 'like a dream' by the eldest member of a Syrian family seeking refuge in the province.

Talika Morjan, a Syrian grandmother who finished a 4,500 kilometre journey to the island on Thursday, says she's blown away by the first hours of her new life in her new home.

"I'm very, very, very happy," she told CBC Radio's On the Go, through her translator Naz Faidullah.

On Friday morning, her first full day in Canada, she headed to a grocery store.

"[It's] something amazing."

"More than [I] could imagine," she said. "A dream."

Lewisporte Bound

Morjan is the first of her family to arrive in Newfoundland. Her son, daughter-in-law and their two children are hoping to join her in Lewisporte, their final destination.

The family will be staying with Reverend Stephanie McClellan, a United Church minister in the town, who renovated a basement apartment to suit the newcomers.