Mini-U and extended education welcome Syrian refugees to U of M campus

Global News Winnipeg - A federal government grant provided through the Immigration Refugee Citizenship in Canada (IRCC) has given 22 Syrian refugees currently living in Winnipeg the chance to spend a week at the University of Manitoba.

Adults will spend the day learning English language skills through the extended education program, while children (ages 4-16) will be exploring their adventurous sides at Mini-U.

“We picked up all the families and children on a bus, drove them to campus and will be driving them back at the end of the day,” said Jay Gamey, director of programming for Mini-U.

During the day, the children will partake in our Minu-U programs, things like dodgeball, basketball, soccer and science, while the adults take different types of programming through extended education.”

Lasting from July 11 until July 22, both programs offer the refugees a chance to begin integration within the community, which is particularly critical for the children.