New Syrian refugee family enjoys Canadian Ramadan celebration meal

CBC News Nova Scotia - The Muslim holy month of Ramadan continues and a special meal was held at a Halifax area Islamic centre Saturday night, but it was especially meaningful for one family from Syria.

The Al Hraki family can't say exactly when they arrived in Canada. They think it may have been four or five days ago, but because of jet lag their memories are fuzzy. 

A transatlantic journey is difficult enough, but during Ramadan when the faithful must fast from dawn to sunset, it presents an extra challenge.

Ahmed Al Hraki is a 28-year-old electrician who flew to Canada with his mother, father and 25-year-old brother

"The challenge began the moment they took the flight from Germany to Toronto because they never went on that long of a flight, nine hours or so," he said through a translator.

"They are adapting very well," the translator said. "Because the weather here is way better than in their refugee camp. It's way cooler here so they are enjoying that and the fresh air is giving them the energy they need to be productive during the day."

The Al-Rasoul Islamic Centre was hoping to further ease the transition with their Iftar.