Refugee journalists rely on Skype to cover Syrian war from N.S.

CBC News Nova Scotia - A pair of Syrian sisters, who left the Middle East as refugees, are continuing to work as journalists and covering Syrian news from their new home in Nova Scotia.

Raja Salim, 32, left Syria for Lebanon four years ago, and worked on film documentaries about Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. She said the situation in Lebanon became dangerous for her because she didn't have legal residency there, and would have no protection from the courts if anything happened to her. She fled to Turkey in 2014, where she was joined by her sister, Safa.

Safa, 30, launched her own journalism career in Turkey, working in news and as a photo editor.

The situation for journalists in Turkey at that time was "really terrible," Raja said.

N.S. was best solution

When the opportunity to move to Nova Scotia as privately sponsored refugees arose, the sisters jumped at the chance. They arrived about a month ago.

Both Raja and Safa Salim continue to cover Syrian news from Nova Scotia, contributing to a Syrian news website called Smart News Agency.