Syrian chocolatier opens factory in Antigonish

CBC News Nova Scotia - How sweet it is when a dream comes true. 

It's just that Assam Hadhad never thought it would happen in a tiny shed in Antigonish, N.S.

Seven months ago Hadhad was a desperate Syrian refugee and now he is the proud owner of Peace by Chocolate which is housed in that tiny shed.

Picking up where he left off

Hadhad was once a successful chocolate maker in Damascus, Syria. 

He owned a factory there and employed 30 people. He shipped chocolates all over the Middle East, but he lost it all to war.

When he arrived in Canada he had little but a loving family and the community of Antigonish's welcoming arms. Hundreds of people helped them establish a home but Assam Hadhad wanted to contribute and continue his life's work.

"Work is life," Tareq Hadhad explains. "You interact with your new community and develop ideas and skills."