Syrian refugees escape horrors of war, bring taste of home to Hamilton

CBC Hamilton - Manahel Al Shareef and her family have lived through horrors most Canadians couldn't imagine.

She came to Hamilton as a refugee from Syria back in February, trying to escape the unrest that has enveloped the country that she still loves.

But through those hardships has come new opportunity in Canada. Al Shareef wants the people in her new country to know a little about what it means to be Syrian — not war, but food.​ Along with two fellow refugee women, Dalal Al Zoubi and Rawa'a Aloliwi, she has helped launch Karam Kitchen — or simply, "The generous kitchen."

Business co-founder Brittani Farrington met the three women through Hamilton's Eucharist Church the day they first came to the city, back in February.

"They were always inviting my husband and I over for these beautiful dinners," Farrington said. "It's the classic case of generosity. They had nothing in their houses yet, but they're making us a feast."