Syrian teens dealing with traumatic experiences through art

CBC News Windsor - The pictures tell the story. Pictures of tanks, guns and bombing fighter jets, all drawn by young Syrian teens.

They are the scenes etched in the memories of kids, aged 13-19, attending a summer camp for recent Syrian immigrants who landed in Windsor.

It's helping them adjust to life here and at the same time helping them work through the lasting trauma they experienced overseas.

"Like one of the girls, she saw her sister dying ... and her mother got paralysed ... lost one of her eyes," said camp organizer Hiba Hijazi.

The pictures will be sewn together to make a quilt they will take to their school, Westview Freedom Academy, next month.

The camp began on July 13 at the offices of Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women in downtown Windsor.

The camp also gives the kids a chance to hone their English skills, and a voice to express what they want us know about them.