A third Syrian family arrives in North Bay

Bay Today - The City of North Bay welcomed North Bay’s third Syrian family tonight at Jack Garland Airport.  

Deputy Mayor Sheldon Forgette confirmed the news on the Syrian family that included a Mother, Father and three young boys. 

“The Mother and the Father walked through the door and they came and gave us a hug, they were crying and just so thankful to be here, it was something pretty magical,” Sheldon Forgette said via social media about the special moment greeting the family. 

Forgette along with members of Calvary North Bay Church were on hand at the airport to meet and greet the new North Bay family. 

This family was sponsored by the local church and not organized through the North Bay Refugee Committee like the other two families were.  

No details yet as to the name of the family and how long they have been waiting to get to Canada.