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We welcome your questions, experiences and observations about working in the refugee sponsorship and settlement sector. Use this discussion area to engage, ask questions and share experiences of serving privately sponsored refugees. Our goal is to strengthen collaboration between the settlement sector and the refugee sponsorship community to improve the settlement experiences of privately sponsored refugees.

Here are some general guidelines for the forum:

Tell us where you live in Ontario and whether you are employed in the settlement sector or a member of the refugee sponsorship community. If we know the city where you live, we can tell you about organizations and sponsorship communities that exist near where you live.

Be respectful and clear when you contribute to the discussion, ask your questions or help to answer one.

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Our focus is on settling in Ontario. If you are not in Ontario, we will try to direct you to a local resource in your province.

Please note that we will not be answering questions about how to immigrate to Canada. Our focus is on how we can collaboratively improve the settlement experiences of already arrived sponsored refugees in Ontario. While we may be able to provide some information about the refugee sponsorship process, we are not immigration consultants and will not be able to tell you how to successfully immigrate.

Please be aware that the information contained in this discussion forum should never be taken as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer.

We look forward to your engagement. Welcome to our discussion forum.

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