Canadian culture

Canadian Business Etiquette

Settling in a foreign country entails familiarizing yourself with its language and its code of conduct, especially when you intend to work in that country.  Getting to know the Canadian business etiquette can help you transition smoothly in the job market without any bumps or misunderstanding. The last thing you want is to rub your coworkers the wrong way by unknowingly doing something that they may consider offensive. 

Overview of Canadian Society

Tolerance, respect, and community orientation characterize Canadian society. Though people tend to be individualistic, contributing to the betterment of the community is a priority. The nation’s role in the United Nations’ peacemaking missions and contribution to foreign aid are proof that Canadians love community contribution. 

What is “Canadian Behaviour”?

Working in a foreign country can be challenging.

After all, it entails adjusting to a new culture.

Cultural differences can be hard to get your finger on since most of it happens unconsciously.

But this can be avoided, provided that you get some preparations.

To help you know what to expect and know the differences with respect to work,  Central YMCA Newcomer Information Centre is organizing a workshop.