Refugee integration

Innovative Pathways To Refugee Employment

Employment is essential for the integration and inclusion of refugees in Canada.

But, how can we ease refugees’ entry in the Canadian labour market?

To help refugees overcome obstacles and access employment opportunities that will support their integration and inclusion, Hire Immigrants is organizing a webinar.

Participants will be able to learn more about:

Refugee And Human Rights Poetry Contest

COSTI Immigrant services invites students in Grades 4 to 12 to write a poem around the theme “Refugee and Human Rights”.

The poems can be written either in English or French with a maximum of 24 lines.

The winner will be revealed on Thursday 20th of June 2019.

Deadline for registration: Friday, 29th of March, 2019

Time: 8:30 to 4:30 p.m

Rethinking Refugee Support

The #IR_Aesthetics projects is a field research project that aims to investigate the stories of migration and the refugee crisis in Serbia and Greece through an interdisciplinary perspective.

The research focuses on the following themes:

  • Political expression in marginalised communities through graffiti and music

  • The use of technology and social networks within the migrant experience

  • The everyday geographies of the refugee crisis

Workshop: Sponsorship Dispute Resolution

Discord and misunderstanding between refugees and their sponsors is completely normal.

After all, you cannot see eye to eye every time.

Especially since both parties come from different cultural background.

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program is organizing a workshop to help you navigate conflict.

Participants will be able to learn more on the following topics:

  • Definition of culture

  • Sources of culture

Refugee Awareness Week

The University Of Toronto African Alumni Association is organizing a Refugee Awareness Week (RAW).

The aim is to have events that are geared toward educating the community about refugee issues and resettlement in Canada.

The event will be culminated by a RAW discussion panel.

The event will also include simulation camps in three libraries.

Date: Wednesday, 27th of February, 2019

Time: 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m

PSR: Managing Expectations

Unrealistic expectations from the private sponsor and the sponsored refugee can lead to a sponsorship breakdown.

That is why it is important to manage the expectations of both parties right from the beginning.

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program is organizing a webinar to help you manage your expectations.

Date: Thursday, 28th of February, 2019

Time: 2:00 p.m tp 3:00 p.m

PSR: Supporting The Settlement And Integration Of Refugees

The private sponsorship of refugees entails a number of moral, financial, and legal responsibilities.

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program is organizing a webinar to familiarize private sponsors with their responsibilities.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Recap of sponsors’ settlement and financial responsibilities under the PSR program

  • The importance of connecting newcomers with a settlement agency

Refugee Integration Training For Sponsors

While you are expecting the arrival of the refugee you sponsored, the Office For Refugees Archdiocese of Toronto is organizing a workshop.

The aim? Help private sponsors and volunteers learn more about the needs of the refugee.

This will be an opportunity for participants to learn more about:

  • How to manage expectations

  • How to build trust

  • How to set the rules of support

½ Day Accessibility Training Session

Moving to a new country presents many challenges and opportunities for refugees.

However, this experience can be pretty challenging for refugees with in/visible disabilities.

Learning who refugees with in/visible disabilities are, how to welcome and support them is a significant step towards an inclusive settlement sector.

After all, despite having a broad understanding of disability, we still fail to understand the unique obstacles that refugees with in/visible disabilities face.

Roundtable To Better Support LGBTQIA+ Refugees

The Ontario Council of Agencies (OCASI) in collaboration with the Aids Committee of Ottawa (ACO), Centretown Community Health Centre (CCHC), KIND and Sommerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC) are organizing a roundtable to develop strategies to better support LGBTQIA+ refugees.

The aim is to showcase the commitments made in the health, LGBTQIA+ and settlement serving sectors.

This will be an opportunity to explore and share best practices when services the members of this community.