Vicarious Trauma

How To Address The Needs Of Refugee Students

The experiences of refugees often involve trauma, loss, and personal stress that can impact on the settlement and sense of well-being.

Supporting refugees can help them settle in their new environment more easily.

To help community workers support refugees, the CERIC Foundation House is organizing a presentation on findings drawn from a three year research program that examined best practices to support refugee student integration in schools and communities.

Navigating Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious trauma is the cumulative effect of being exposed to survivors of disasters, violence, or people who are struggling.

It is the side effect of witnessing cruelty or hearing distressing stories.

Private sponsors are vulnerable to vicarious trauma as the refugee they help often comes with a lot of baggage.

To help private sponsors cope with vicarious trauma, the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) is organizing a webinar.

The following topics will be covered: