Advantages to Getting to Know the Sponsoring Group Early in the Settlement Period

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Advantages to Getting to Know the Sponsoring Group Early in the Settlement Period

Both refugee sponsors and settlement providers offer unique skills and resources to the successful resettlement and integration of privately sponsored refugees. As a service provider, there are advantages to getting to know the sponsoring member or group early in the settlement period. Through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program in Canada, there are several ways groups can sponsor individuals and families. The composition of these groups can vary quite significantly. While your job as a service provider remains the same, being aware of the composition of the sponsoring group of the client you are serving is helpful for you. For example, knowing whether your client has been sponsored by a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, or a Group of Five, or through the Blended Visa Office-Referred program or by relatives and/or acquaintances may impact the relationship between you and the sponsoring group. Knowing these details early on will allow you to assess how particularities of sponsorship groups may impact your work. The more information you are able to know about a sponsoring group through communicating with them will allow you to do your job most effectively.


You are a service provider who is assisting a client with some settlement matters. You become aware that your client was sponsored by her distant relative. The distant relative accompanies your client to appointments with you because of limited language skills. You observe that the relative, while in goodwill, makes decisions for the newcomer.

What do you do?

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