Advantages to Involving a Settlement Provider Early in Settlement Period

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Advantages to Involving a Settlement Provider Early in Settlement Period

Both refugee sponsors and settlement providers offer unique skills and resources to the successful resettlement and integration of privately sponsored refugees. As a refugee sponsor, there are advantages to involving a service provider early in the settlement period.

Some of the advantages include:

" Service providers are usually the first to become aware of any changes in settlement services. Thus, service providers have the most recent information. This is especially important for family-linked cases.
" A service provider can provide quick instructions, advice and access to resources. You will save a lot of time with a service provider.
" A service provider can continue to support a newcomer past the initial sponsorship period. As a sponsor, you are only obliged to provide support up until 12 months.
" Service providers are the experts in the field of providing settlement assistance. Thus, they are possibly more likely able to anticipate settlement issues and needs and better address them.
" Early contact with a settlement worker can prevent crisis situations such as an impending housing eviction or family breakdown
" Service providers can act as mediators between sponsors and the newcomer if needed

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