Information Overload

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Information Overload

A main responsibility of sponsors and service providers is to provide information!

While there's always more to be learned, as refugee sponsors and service providers, we know a lot of information about accessing settlement needs and services. In goodwill, we are eager to share everything we know with newcomers right when they arrive. One thing we have to be cautious of is overloading newcomers with information right when they arrive. Resettling in a new environment can be an overwhelming. As sponsors and settlement professionals, we need to accommodate the steep learning curve and provide settlement information in a way that newcomers can absorb it in a meaningful way.

What are some tips that you can share that have worked for you when sharing information with privately sponsored refugees in a timely but reasonable manner?

As service providers and sponsors, how can we strike a balance between ensuring that newcomers are getting the information they need and when they need it without being overwhelming?

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