Innovative Collaboration: Refugee Sponsors and Service Providers

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Innovative Collaboration: Refugee Sponsors and Service Providers

Increased communication and information sharing can help alleviate some of the challenges that exist when refugee sponsors and service providers work together. While there are many regional and national supports available to assist with the resettlement of privately sponsored refugees, sometimes collaboration within your local community can be most effective. Some of the most successful collaborations between service providers and refugee sponsors have been at the municipal level.

Case in Point: Refugee Network of Ottawa (ReNoO)

The Refugee Network of Ottawa (ReNoO) is a non-political collaborative network of community and nonprofit organizatons that provide services to refugees in Ottawa. This group was started after individuals in the community recognized the need for increased collaboration between people involved in all aspects of refugee sponsorship and settlement. ReNoO has been the catalyst for some innovative developments in the city of Ottawa that have been helpful in filling information gaps and connecting with each other.

What you can do in your local community:

Ask around locally to find out what collaborative groups may exist in your community. Can't find anything? Perhaps you can ignite the spark in your community to bring service providers and refugee sponsors together.

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