Recommendations for Working Together

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Recommendations for Working Together

It's essential that refugee sponsors and service providers work together effectively to support newcomers during the settlement period. Below are a list of simple tips that both sponsors and service providers can make to strengthen working relationships:

1. Appoint one member from the sponsoring group to be the contact person with the service provider
2. Develop a volunteer engagement program and/or protocols if your agency does not have one
3. Organize mentorship and exchange opportunities for sponsors and service providers
4. Contact a local service provider ahead of the refugee's arrival to Canada to find out what programs and services are available. This will also help you avoid wasting resources and duplicating tasks.
5. Sponsors can share the settlement plan with the service provider to discuss together how best to support the plan and fill any existing gaps.
6. Include representatives from local service provider organizations in the training of Constituent Groups
7. Increase networking and information-sharing opportunities between sponsors and service providers whenever possible
8. Always be transparent and communicative

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