Transition to Social Assistance from Sponsorship

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Transition to Social Assistance from Sponsorship

The goal of the sponsorship period is for refugees to be self-sufficient and gainfully employed, however this is a long-term goal. Newcomers are entitled to 12 months of financial and settlement support from their sponsoring group. If after the first 12 months of support newcomers are not ready to operate independently, government services and supports are available. Sponsoring groups and settlement professionals are encouraged to explore available resources to learn about employment and social services in the municipality where the newcomers live. Government social assistance rates apply province-wide to newcomers after their first year of being in Canada. Sponsorship groups and settlement professionals should note that services may vary by municipality.

Ontario has two social assistance programs to help eligible residents of Ontario who are in financial need. To learn more about Social Assistance in Ontario, visit: [link: ]

Contact your local Employment and Social Services office to have your questions answered on social services in Ontario and transition to social assistance from sponsorship. To find the office that serves your address, visit:

Have any information to share about supports available to newcomers beyond the first 12 months of support? Share your experiences of supporting newcomers after the first 12 months.

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