Update from IRCC on financial support

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Update from IRCC on financial support

IRCC has provided clarity on financial support sponsors are obligated to provide newly arrived refugees. See the following below:

Canada Child Benefit (CCB), and other federal or provincial tax benefits or rebates, are tax-free monthly payments and cannot be counted as earned income or used to calculate reductions to sponsor support.

Sponsoring groups can to make deductions to monthly financial support after net employment income becomes higher than 50% of the monthly support payment, at which point income is
reduced dollar for dollar for each additional dollar earned above the threshold (see section 23 of the RAP manual)

Employment income of those attending secondary school on a full-time basis, should not be included in the total of the family earnings.

The resettled family should be encouraged to declare their income to their sponsors, however, income support cannot be withheld as a result of non-reporting.

At any time during the commitment period, if the financial situation of the refugee and their family changes, the sponsor must resume financial support, as needed.

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