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The Leading Social Justice Collective (LSJC) is looking for youth refugees to complete a survey

UofT Leading Social Justice Collective Fellows are requesting refugee youth to participate in survey

Leading Social Justice Collective (LSJC) 2024 Fellows, supported by the United Way GTA and the School of Cities at the University of Toronto, are distributing a survey to gather information from youth refugees.

The research focuses on understanding refugees' challenges in pursuing their education in Canada. They are inviting you to share your valuable insights through a survey.

The survey consists of questions regarding your educational experiences and the support available to you as a refugee. Your responses will be crucial in shaping future policies and support mechanisms.

Survey Details:

- Duration: 10-15 minutes

- Compensation: $20 for your participation

- Confidentiality: Your responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Please find the survey: Education Barriers for Refugees in the GTA Area

"Education Barriers for Refugees in the GTA Area"


Thank you for considering this opportunity to influence positive change.

Omer, Ajmal, and Kati  

Fellows, School of Cities, University of Toronto