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ARI Webinar: Role of SAH & SPO Collaboration in Enhancing Services for PSRs

Learn more about Allies for Refugee Integration (ARI)

Allies for Refugee Integration (ARI) invites you to participate in the upcoming Role of SAHs & SPOs Collaboration in Enhancing Services for PSRs Roundtable.

This roundtable is an essential gathering for Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs), Settlement Providing Organizations (SPOs), and professionals involved in refugee resettlement and integration.

Are you a private sponsor, SAH, or social/settlement worker working with privately sponsored refugees and newcomers?

Are you seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of settlement workers and sponsors in aiding the resettlement process of privately sponsored refugees?

Join Allies for Refugee Integration (ARI) webinar to engage with experts and peers in the field, share best practices, and enhance your knowledge!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the crucial role that settlement service workers and SPOs play in collaborating effectively with sponsors and SAHs to deliver exemplary services to Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSRs).
  • Engage in a discussion about the responsibilities of sponsors and Sponsorship Agreement Holders in informing PSRs about the services available to them and in connecting them with SPOs.
  • Connect with a network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to enhancing the resettlement experience for refugees.
  • Participate in discussions aimed at refining and improving the collaborative efforts between SAHs and SPOs. Learn about innovative approaches and share your experiences in this interactive session.

Guests speakers:

  • Anoush Newman: Program Facilitator for the Settlement Support Connection Project - RSTP
  • Mimi Merrill: Refugee Sponsorship Coordinator - The Anglican Diocese of Ontario


For more information, please contact Metin Gun (He/Him) at

**Please note that all registered attendees will receive the Zoom link 24 hours prior to the event**

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