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Information Is a Settlement Issue | Webinar 2: Putting Newcomers First in client communications

Refugee 613 invites you to participate in a two-part webinar series titled Information Is A Settlement Issue.

Information Is A Settlement Issue

Getting the right information at the right time is essential to starting life in a new country. In Canada, governments invest heavily in formal information and orientation services delivered by settlement professionals, but many newcomers still struggle to find the information they need, when and how they need it. Instead, they spend a lot of time and effort to source information themselves online and in person, from family members, community leaders and the internet, often increasing their frustration and confusion as well as their exposure to misinformation.

Who should attend?

Frontline settlement staff, managers, policymakers, newcomers and any stakeholder who is interested in how settlement information is created, shared and found.

In these workshops, we will :

  • share the insights of newcomers who have struggled to find the information they need
  • facilitate interactive conversations on the information gaps and opportunities
  • draw on lessons learned from Refugee 613’s Newcomer Info Hub project
  • share practical advice and tactics for improving information delivery at the agency and individual level

Webinar 2: Putting newcomers first in client communications

What are some practical ways we can start to make changes at the service level to make information more accessible to newcomer clients? This session will share Refugee 613’s strategies and tips for building communications plans that put the client first. You’ll learn which questions to ask about preferred channels, languages and formats. You’ll come away with a template for rapidly creating your own step-by-step plan for communicating with your clients at the agency level so that key information gets to the right person, at the right time and serves their needs - and yours.

The workshops will be delivered in English, with closed captions available in French. Participants are encouraged to use the official language of their choice during discussions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bella Nceke, Community and Stakeholder Relations Manager for Info Hub project at or call on 613 606-7960.


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