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Webinar: Building Resilience and Self-Compassion for GBV Survivors

IRCNFF (Immigrant & Refugee Communities. Neighbours, Friends & Families) | OCASI invites you to the upcoming webinar: Building Resilience and Self-Compassion for GBV Survivors

This webinar explores the vital themes of resilience, respect, and cultivating healthy relationships for survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

GBV survivors face immense challenges, but by fostering resilience, seeking support, and practicing self-compassion, they can begin the journey toward healing. This webinar aims to equip survivors with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome the impact of GBV and build a future filled with strength, respect, and resilience. We hope survivors feel empowered to seek support, assert their boundaries, and embrace their capacity for resilience, ultimately cultivating a life marked by healthy, respectful relationships.

Key objectives:

  • Defining the significance of resilience, respect, and healthy relationships.
  • Providing a clear understanding of what resilience, respect, and healthy relationships mean in the context of survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV).
  • Explaining the significance of these themes in healing and recovery.
  • Identifying practical strategies for building resilience and self-compassion.
  • Highlighting the role of seeking support from various sources, including professionals and support networks, in the healing journey.


Dr. Tanaz Javan: Ph.D. in Health Information Science. Her doctoral dissertation research evaluated the implementation and integration of trauma and violence-informed principles into community-based health and social services in London, Ontario. She is currently part of the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children at Western, where she continues to work on the evaluation and implementation of various interventions by applying a trauma and violence-informed lens. Outside of her research, Tanaz teaches in the Psychology Program at Fanshawe College. She works as a life coach and counsellor with people who suffer from depression and anxiety and facilitates workshops on mindfulness meditation and communication skills. Tanaz is also a skilled painter and the author of the cover art for Healing the Traumatized Self.

Event Details

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Mode Online 2 min. read