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Webinar: Connecting with Settlement Agencies

Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) invites you to participate in the webinar: Connecting with Settlement Agencies

This webinar is designed to provide sponsors with essential information about settlement agencies in their area. Participants will learn about the various settlement agencies available to privately sponsored refugees and the services they offer.

The webinar will provide information on how to access these services and support for newcomers, including:

  • language training,
  • employment services,
  • housing support,
  • cultural orientation.

The goal is to connect sponsors with the appropriate settlement agencies, enabling them to provide comprehensive support and assistance to refugees as they adjust to their new lives in Canada. The webinar aims to equip sponsors with the knowledge and tools necessary to build a solid and supportive network, ensuring the successful integration of privately sponsored refugees into their communities.

Event Details

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Mode Online 1 min. read