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Webinar: How to address the current rise of Anti-2SLGBTQI hate ?

From Borders To Belonging invites you to a webinar titled: How to address the current rise of Anti-2SLGBTQI hate?

From Borders to Belonging is a solidarity coalition of grassroots and civil society organizations centered on support and advocacy for LGBTQI refugees and newcomers. In cities across Canada, we are witnessing a recent wave of organized Anti-2SLGBTQI protests.  We know anti-2SLGBTQI hate is not new; indeed, it has been impacting our communities for generations.

Living in the intersection of xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and transphobia, LGBTQI newcomers experience the impact of exclusion and oppression in their daily lives. Yet the current public protests in schools, libraries, and streets warrant focused attention and action. Civil society and agencies in the newcomer settlement sector have an essential role to play.

This workshop will begin with an overview of the situation across the country. Advocates will share what they are seeing in their cities and its impact. We see that the current wave of Anti-2SLGBTQI hate is well organized and well funded. Similar strategies are being deployed in Canada and internationally. Locally, we see that newcomer communities are being targeted with misinformation. We raise the question of how to address the current rise of Anti-2SLGBTQI hate without further entrenching harmful xenophobic and colonial discourses of racialized communities as “backwards” and threats to a presumed progressive Canada.

The panelists will share strategies for organizations and invite discussion of how we can organize collaborations and coalitions that promote respect and safety and counter hate.

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