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Workshop: Accessing the Trades in Ontario

Private Refugee Sponsor Network (Ontario) invites you to a workshop: Accessing the Trades in Ontario

If you are a refugee sponsor, join the workshop to learn more about the skilled trades and the opportunities for newcomers that lead to employment.

You will better understand the benefits of a career in the skilled trades around in-demand jobs, opportunities for on-the-job learning, and the importance of certification and licensing. You will gain new knowledge about cutting-edge technology and transferable skills.

The workshop will feature three expert presenters on the following topics: 

  • The Trades – What You Need to Know. Dominic Machado, Supervisor Registration and Assessment Trades Ontario. Toronto.

  • Role of Small Business in the Trades. Lily Lumsden, Senior Regional Manager, YMCA Employment Services. Hamilton.

  • An Interview with Mohamad: A Newcomer’s Experience. Toronto.

You can join a 30-minute post-event chat room, connect and share ideas

To register, go to event details below, or email

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