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Can sponsors ask refugees to pay money to support themselves in Canada?

Sponsors have made a commitment to provide sponsored refugees with financial support for one year after they arrive in Canada or until they can support themselves, whichever comes first.

There may be times when sponsored refugees come to Canada with a certain amount of money of their own. If they have enough money and are able to support themselves, sponsors may expect them to contribute to their own settlement costs. 

Many sponsored refugees want to start earning money during the sponsorship period. When their level of total earned household income has surpassed 50% of their household’s level of financial support, deductions are permitted for every dollar earned above that threshold. Once the monthly support is reduced to zero dollars (i.e. after earnings have reached 150% of their household’s financial support level) and the household can sustainably support themselves, they may no longer require the sponsor’s financial support. 

At any time during the sponsorship commitment period, if the financial situation of the household changes, the sponsor must resume financial support, as needed. 

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