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What does ‘social support requirements’ mean for sponsors?

Among other items, sponsors are responsible for providing refugees with financial and non-financial support during the sponsorship period (usually 12 months starting from the refugee's arrival in Canada). Their Sponsorship Agreement defines their moral, financial and legal responsibilities. 

Sponsors should help the refugee(s) in their integration within the Canadian society. Social support can include :

  • locating interpreters
  • selecting a family physician and dentist
  • assisting with applying for provincial health-care coverage
  • enrolling children in school and adults in language training
  • introducing newcomers to people with similar personal interests
  • providing orientation with regard to everyday activities such as banking services, transportation
  • helping in the search for employment
  • helping understand the rights and responsibilities of permanent residents

To find a detailed list of the requirements, visit the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program’s Post-arrival duties webpage.

Settlement Role Private Sponsor
Sponsorship Stage Month 1 Month 2-12